Hi, I'm Sawni!

Founder at Hyppy

I recently graduated from IIT Madras with a dual degree in Biotechnology as another one of those engineers who do everything but engineering. 🙆🏽‍♀️

With a keen interest in art, travel & entrepreneurship, Hyppy beautifully knit them all into one and became my calling. 


Hyppy aims to be the go-to place for bohemian decor & fashion. Historically, the Bohemians have been known to be unconventional, usually artistic, and wandering souls. It's a style where the most eclectic mixture of prints and materials meet, a representation of a wide range of cultures around the globe as well as the fusion of different iconic fashion & art eras.


We're not perfect but we do our best when it comes to sustainability. Our textiles are made of 100% organic cotton, our wall prints are on acid-free paper that can last for over a 1000 years & we use azo-free dyes for all the pretty boho shades.

Having said that, our packaging can be certainly more eco-friendly & we're taking measures towards it.


You see the best part of exploring the Bohemian aesthetic is the handwork involved, making artisans the core of our brand. All our products are consciously handcrafted in India by our artisanal friends. 50% of our product price goes back to these artisans & suppliers.