Turning a house into a home

Turning a house into a home

Recently I got a text from a friend, inviting me to his house warming party. The extrovert in me, who’d never miss out on gatherings, got really excited but then I got bummed when I found out that it was on a weekday. Living in Mumbai if someone makes it to your home for a 7pm party on a weekday, keep them close to you! So, with a heavy heart and a sad emoji, I sent him a text saying that I won’t be able to make it but will surely make up for it by sending some warm and sweet gifts from Hyppy.

This got me wondering, how life in major cities becomes so busy that we rarely spend time at home, and the time that we spend usually goes in front of a screen, be it binge watching some series till you sleep off to the loud noises coming from the TV or be it some trending reel on Instagram showing you “5 ways to be productive”. Amidst all this, my room was starting to resemble a lost and found department and I couldn't help but think about how our homes often take a backseat in the chaos of city life. We're so busy chasing deadlines and scrolling through Instagram reels that we forget about the pile of laundry silently judging us from the corner.

And the irony is that I work at a home ‘décor’ brand. But fear not, dear reader, thanks to my friend for shifting to a new space that got me into this chain of thought, result of which was, that I had a new found resolution for this year : “Making my house a home” Now now now, I don’t support being  all materialistic and I know that it’s the people who make the house a home and all that jazz. But I want to give those people, living with me, who are the closest to me, some warmth and love by adding some warmth and love to the house with some stuff from Hyppy.

With this, I had a new mission: turning my house into a home.

Where did I start from? Ofcourse the couch, the second most used thing in the room after my charging socket. In episode 1 of this series, I decided to transform my couch into a cloud. Two things came to my mind: Cushions and Throws

Let’s talk about cushions first, the unsung heroes of comfort, after a long day at work in an uncomfortable corporate throne of a chair, a mother’s lap would be the most comfortable thing, but the next best thing? a pile of cushions! the fluffy confidantes that are always there for you, ready to turn your sofa into a soft cloud of relaxation. It's like a hug for your living room, minus the awkwardness. It's like a personalized cocoon, where you can sink into a sea of comfort and let the stresses of the day melt away.

The cushion I’m resting on right now, and other favourites:

  1. Sage tassel pillow
  2. Elise illustrated pillow
  3. Tiny houses pillow
  4. Crazy plant lady

Coming to the Throws, in the battle against chilly evenings and the secret weapon to elevate your home's cozy game. (there’s no such thing as chilly evenings in Mumbai, but I turn on my AC and take all the feels.) Throws are these magic cloaks that turn your couch into a throne of comfort. Trust me, draping one of those throws over yourself is like wrapping yourself in a warm hug from a cloud and it also creates a space where Netflix marathons feel like luxury vacations

What I bought and gifted to my friend-

  1. Moon phases throw
  2. Paula woven throw
  3. Ava tufted throw

So, whether you're battling the winter chill or just want to add a touch of luxury to your Netflix marathon, Hyppy throws and cushions have got your back – literally.

Using some suggestions that we give to our customers, for myself this time (and also some employee discount) this is how I turned a my house into a home with some cozy cushions and throws, perfect for this winter. But even still, I decided, I will be binge watching or scrolling away for hours, but now, wrapped in my throws and comfortably resting on my new cushions, Because some habits can never change, but hey, we’ll replace the screens with some books soon, just need the right vibe around me for that too (and I think Hyppy has some décor apt for that as well 😉)

Cut to today, picture this: a single adult, snug as a bug in a Hyppy throw, sipping on her favourite hot beverage while binge-watching her go-to series for the 16th time (It's a scene straight out of a rom-com where a girl just had a break-up), I’m sitting and enjoying my me-time as I forget all about the Housewarming party that I missed.

-Shruti Gohil, Brand Manager, Hyppy.

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